Virginia's Policy Positions

Combatting Crime

As the daughter of a retired law enforcement officer, Virginia McIntyre understands how important it is to support laws and policies that hold criminals responsible. That's why Virginia has developed a 5-point plan to help fight crime in Gates and Greece.

1. Community Notification-

It is more important than ever for our families to have the information necessary to protect our children. Virginia McIntyre supports notifying communities when sex offenders are released from prison. Until State laws change to make sexual predators ineligible for parole, community notification is our best weapon against these unthinkable crimes.

2. Community Policing-

A strong supporter of Neighborhood Watch efforts, Virginia has participated in the Citizen’s Fire Academy, CPR training and Monroe County’s Overdose Prevention and Response Narcan Training Course. Virginia McIntyre is an advocate for increased police patrols of our streets and the continuation of Citizen Police  Academy Programs.

3. Advocating to Fight Bail Reform Laws-

Dangerous Bail Reform Laws are hurting our communities by allowing criminals back onto the streets.  Virginia McIntyre will advocate to NY State representatives to repeal terrible Bail Reform Laws.

4. Supporting Funding to Vital EMS Services-

EMS Services are in desperate need of funds to recruit and retain proper staffing. Virginia McIntyre will support funding to our EMS Services, Child Protective Services and the 911 Center.

5. Monroe County Crime Stoppers Line-

Virginia McIntyre will also seek to better promote Monroe County Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tip Hotline (585) 423-9300 to empower residents to combat crime when they see it. Neighbors looking out for  Neighbors is the most effective weapon against crime.

Education and Job Creation

"After almost 20 years of experience owning and operating my own successful international business in Language Training, Interpreting and English Marketing Consultancy, I understand the need for high paying jobs in our community so our residents can work, live and raise a family." Here is Virginia's 5-Point Plan to Create and Protect Jobs

1. Vote for Stable Property Taxes to make our community more attractive to new employers to grow here and create more jobs.

2. Support RochesterWorks! a County-City partnership that helps unemployed and downsized workers find new or better jobs.

3. Support Economic Incentives that Help Create & Retain Local Jobs.

4. Provide training, education and networking programs to local startup companies through The Entrepreneurs Network.

5. Prepare our youth for high-tech jobs by expanding efforts like MCC’s Precision Tooling and Machining program and RochesterWorks! Summer Job Placement Program.


Virginia McIntyre believes elected office is a public trust, not a career. Virginia believes that public servants should be accessible to the residents in their districts, available to speak to residents about their concerns to ensure that local government remains in the hands of the people, not politicians.

Taxes and Spending

Virginia McIntyre knows how important stable property taxes are to our community. Virginia is committed to keeping Monroe County on the right track, by seeking more effective ways to serve residents without relying on more wasteful government spending.
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